Pugs are totally awesome

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Let God's little weirdos fill that gaping hole in your soul

Pugs are built to cuddle. Literally that is their purpose in life. "Pugs were first bred thousands of years ago in China to be the lap dogs of Chinese royalty. Over centuries, pugs have perfected the art of lap-sitting." this is an understatement.

Why should you rescue a pug?

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They're friendly, soft, loving, comforting and adorable. Even when they snore. It's surprisingly soothing. Basically as long as it involves being with you a pug will do anything. Be it hiking, skateboarding, surfing or just lazing it up on the couch, the noble pug will adapt and thrive.

Things to Consider

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  • Health Concerns

    The squish-faced breeds are sensitive to heat -- be careful. Also they eat too much and get fat.

  • Shedding

    Pugs are fur factories. You will quickly develop a love of leather jackets, beige pants and patterned sweaters. Invest in a good comb and vacuum

  • Great with kids

    To describe the pug in a word: Longsuffering

Next Steps

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  2. Connect

    Check out the Pug Gala or other Pug rescue event. It's a great way to learn about the breed or just hang out with a herd of pugs.

  3. Be a Hero

    Adopt a pug in need!

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